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To Do App

This full stack app allows users to manage their own to-do list. I utilised React, Redux and Express with Typescript as well as Knex/SQLite for this project. I used a REST api to connect data from the server to the client side for Create, Read, Update and Delete operations. I have deployed the app using Railway with Postgres.


Gallerina is a pinterest-like app which allows users to curate their own art collections. This app was created using the Arsty external API with Insomnia, React and Redux with Typescript, SQLite with Knex and CSS with Tailwind. I helped produce Gallerina within an Agile team of five in a ten day timeframe. I played the role of product owner in this project which involved pitching the idea to my cohort, producing the user stories for the app and outlining our vision for the project during a final presentation. As a web developer, I worked in a pair to produce the page for viewing a single collection of artworks (RD functionality) and add notes (CRD functionality). On an individual level, I coded the external API calls for the app, the search page and deployed the app.

Sampler Project

This was a project I made at the beginning of my coding bootcamp when we were given free reign to make a "fun or useless" website. Here I've used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create a sampler that plays a snippet of audio corresponding to a keyboard press. I used CSS to show the user how their keyboard presses might link up to an actual piano. I thought it would be helpful for someone learning how to sample on the computer using software like Ableton Live.

Next JS Blog

This app was created using the NextJS Foundations tutorial. I played around with different elements and features in Next such as images, rendering markup/fetching data and dynamic routing for this blog. I also incorporated two examples of fetching an image from a simple external API. This tutorial helped me understand the difference between static and server-side generation and helped me familiarise myself with NextJS and Vercel. This information allowed me to create and deploy this portfolio site.


My name is Bridget. I am a web developer moving to Melbourne Aus.

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